Brand history

Kaspersky ONE (3 устройства, 1 год, BOX)


system protection devices, full version 1 year, 3 jobs

General information (Kaspersky ONE (3 устройства, 1 год, BOX))
The purpose protection system devices
Product type full version
Supported operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile
Form of delivery "boxed"
The term of the license 1 g.
Max. the number of devices 3
The right to use the previous version (Downgrade)
Min. system requirements Processor 800 MHz and vise MB free RAM
Function (Kaspersky ONE (3 устройства, 1 год, BOX))
File scanner (signature)
Analysis of program activity
Network filter (firewall)
Web filter
Mail filter
Vulnerability scanner
Filter social networks
Base software/websites
LAN protection
Safe environment run
Parental control
Password Manager
Disaster recovery system
Undo the changes made by the program
Virtual keyboard
Management and control of access other PC
Data encryption
File shredder
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